June 8, 2016

Για τον αγαπημένο μου δάσκαλο και την αγαπημένη μου δασκάλα!

Δώρα από τους μαθητές για τους αγαπημένους τους δασκάλους,ένα ευχαριστώ για την χρονιά που πέρασε!    

June 2, 2016

My best friend’s bachelorette day!

Oh my God it’s true!My best friend is getting married!So many memories,so many funny stories to remember since we were teenagers!Now,she found her prince and i’m sure …

July 29, 2015

New!!Handmade beads made of glass!!Glassblowing is on the run!!

  Creativity never stops!! Using colorful sticks of glass and making beautiful beads through the glassblowing method.Necklaces,bracelets,earrings and even decoration details!Custom,unique and impressive!

June 6, 2015

The Princess is coming!Baby shower bracelets!

  The princess is coming!!Bracelets made of handmade glass details like stars,crowns and hearts have been made especially for this precious day!Pink and white are the …

June 5, 2015

New Millefiori glass extremely long necklace!

Extremely long necklace made of millefiori glass!Bohemian style necklace full of colors,unique and impressive!